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photo-3-1276224993Bali Dolphin (Dolphin Lodge Bali) provides a shallow area (1.5 meters depth approx.) for the visitors to swim, pat and interact with the dolphins. Bali Dolphin (Dolphin lodge Bali) have 8 lovely dolphins to interact with maximum 6~8 persons with one dolphin. Take videos and photos for this spellbinding experience in Bali.

General Info:

During the high season months – June to September – it is essential to plan well ahead and book well in advance if you want to book a dolphin interact.
Adults and children with history of epilepsy or similar illnesses, children under the age of 5 years or below the minimum height of 1.35m and women who are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant are prohibited in the water with the dolphins.
Depending on the weather conditions of the day, sea conditions can result in clients becoming seasick while out at sea. Cancellations of tours can occur with very little warning.
Bali Dolphin / Dolphin Lodge Bali operates daily with five sessions. Each duration approximately four hours and a complete guided commentary is given throughout the tour.
Bali Dolphin / Dolphin Lodge Bali restricts the number of dolphin swimmers allowed in the water maximum 6~8 visitors with one dolphin.
Bali Dolphin / Dolphin watching does not have the same capacity restrictions as interacting and is not under the same demands as dolphin interacting. There is however a restrictions to participate as both a swimmer or a watcher to a maximum of 10 passengers per boat. Both Dolphin Bali Lodge programs, interacting and watching utilize the same boat.
Bali Dolphin / Dolphin Lodge Bali boats are fitted with hot deck showers and toilets for passenger comfort and have covered areas for protection against the weather elements.
Things to bring on the tour are a swimsuit and sunblock, gear bag, warm clothing and camera.

1st session :
08:15 Pick up and transfer to Dolphin Lodge
09:15 Briefing
09:45 Depart to pontoon by boat
10:10 30 minutes intercating with Dolphin
10:50 Enjoy mineral water or coffee or tea
11:15 Back to the hotel
12:15 Arrive at the hotel

2rd session :
09:05 Pick up and transfer to Dolphin Lodge
10:05 Briefing
10:35 Depart to pontoon by boat
11:00 30 minutes interacting with Dolphin
11:40 Enjoy mineral water or coffee or tea
12:00 Back to the hotel
13:00 Arrive at the hotel

3rd session :
10:05 Pick up and transfer to Dolphin Lodge
11:05 Briefing
11:35 Depart to pontoon by boat
12:00 30 minutes interacting with Dolphin
12:40 Enjoy mineral water or coffee or tea
13:00 Back to the hotel
14:00 Arrive at the hotel

4th session :
11:00 Pick up and transfer to Dolphin Lodge
12:00 Briefing
12:25 Depart to pontoon by boat
12:45 30 minutes interacting with Dolphin
13:25 Enjoy mineral water or coffee or tea
13:50 Back to the hotel
14:50 Arrive at the hotel

5th session :
12:30 Pick up and transfer to Dolphin Lodge
13:30 Briefing
14:00 Depart to pontoon by boat
14:25 30 minutes interacting with Dolphin
15:15 Enjoy mineral water or coffee or tea
15:40 Back to the hotel
16:40 Arrive at the hotel

Package Inclusions:
Pick-up and drop off transfer by vendor (Dolphin Lodge)

Rate Information
Description Price Per Person (min 2 persons) Booking
Adult (1 Pax) Adult (2 Pax Up) Children
Bali Dolphin Interacting Program USD.107.00 USD.76.00 USD.66.00 booknow