Bali Dolphin Interacting Program + Ubud Tour with Lunch (Indonesian set)

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experience-dolphinDolphin Lodge

A unique Bali dolphin (Dolphin Lodge Bali) discovery experience, delight the hands-on and personal contact program with these wonderful and friendly dolphins in Bali. Be part of an unforgettable interactive experience with dolphins. The Bali Dolphin (Dolphin Lodge Bali) is located on a floating sea pen in Bali ocean. These friendly dolphins will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and gentleness. You’ll spend 30 minutes in our specially designed dolphin enclosure, where you’ll have the chance to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through petting, hugging, kissing and playing with dolphins! The close contact sessions in Bali Dolphin (Dolphin Lodge) are probably one of the best experiences you will ever have in Bali holiday
Bali Ubud Tour

Ubud PalaceUbud

Ubud Tour is one of the famous tours in Bali to visit places of interest in Ubud and surrounding area. The tour is very exciting to explore the traditional village with it social activities and culture from the local community. It is wonderful trip to see the Balinese life with full of culture and art. On this Bali Dolphins package we will visit Ubud in a half day trips.
Bali batik painting



Tohpati Village: the centre textile traditional, with great variety and qualities of Batik (clothes is obtained by the procedure of having part of the material with wax, to put the colours and to quite the wax). The part with waxed is not coloured, and the one original genuine pace put the colours, as on originates a drawing. The batik is a handmade technique of Java, but the Balinese also do it
Celuk silver crafts, Bali




Celuk is the famous village in Bali as a tourist destination cause of the local residents is very proactive and full of innovation to the gold and silver crafting. This countryside is located in sub district of Sukawati, Gianyar Regency and owns the individuality and excellence in production of gold and silver crafting. Most of them are Balinese professional, artistic and skillful of design development related to the silver and gold crafting. Ubud Monkey Forest is dwelt by 200 monkeys, pertained to long tail inclusive macaques or macaca fascicularis group which owns the wide disseminating area
Ubud monkey forest, Bali


ubud-monkey-forestUbud Monkey Forest

All the monkeys in this forest consisted of three groups, dwell certain area and use the certain place and certain time. However, it also happened that entire group can use the forest and whenever two groups are existing at same place and time.
Ubud rice terrace, Bali

Terrace-UbudRice Terrace

Tegalalang rice terrace is located at 5 km northern part of Ubud Village and own the magnificent view of rice terrace. The rice terrace is designed very beautiful with exquisite hollowing rice field and precisely located on the hill bank. In this place, you will see the Balinese farmer do their rice field in oblique area complete with its system irrigation. You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of valley with rice terrace and coconut trees

08:00 Pick up and transfer to Dolphin Lodge
09:00 Briefing
09:15 30 minutes interacting with Dolphin
10:00 Enjoy soft drink or coffee or tea
10:30 Depart for Ubud Tour (pick-up by Bali Vacation)
11:30 Lunch (Indonesian set) at local restaurant
13:00 Visit Tohpati (Center of Batik) orĀ Visit Celuk (center of Gold & Silver)
14:30 Visit Monkey Forest
16:00 Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace
16:30 Back to the hotel
18:00 Arrive at the hotel

Package inclusions:
Pick-up transfer for dolphin program by vendor (Dolphin Lodge)
Pick-up for Ubud Tour by Bali Vacation with private car & English/Japanese speaking guide

Rate Information
Description Price Per Person (min 2 persons) Booking
Adult (1 Pax) Adult (2 Pax Up) Children
Bali Dolphin Interacting Program + Ubud Tour with Lunch (Indonesian set) USD.237.00 USD.153.00 USD.120.00 booknow