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balitourparasailingParasailing is a fantastic activity by hinging the body under airborne which is pulled by the speed boat to overview the amazing panorama of the coastal area. It will bring you to fly 95 meters above sea level and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Tanjung Benoa and surrounding area. The friendly Parasailing Guide will ensure you with the high safety equipment and short briefing before flaying off. Your experience will begin from take off on the white sandy beach to surround coastal area until landing back on the sand. It is one of Marine Sport activities with exciting adventure to be your experience during vacation in Bali.

banana boatBanana Boat is the exciting water activities ride on the rubber boat in form of Banana and pulled by the speed boat. This adventure brings you to the fun situation along with partner or group which can give the memorable experience. The adventure ride on the Banana Boat is the most spectacular marine activities to explore the beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa Beach in south part of Bali. This beach is featured by the calm seawater that ideally for marine sport activities and Banana Boat is one of the perfect choices to be experienced.

bali jet skyJet Ski is one of the exciting marine sport activities by driving 700 cc motorize ski to explore the beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa, south part of Bali. This sport is well equipped by life jacket and accompanied by the professional Jet Ski Guide to ensure your safety and security adventures. This activities will bring you the great experience during your vacation in the Paradise Island of Bali

diving-in-tanjung-benoa-of-baliTake a boat about 10 minutes from Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. You will be rewarded by coloful coral fishes, gigantic table coral and soft corals grow on her miles long barrier reef. Reef with soft and hard corals, good variety of small reef fish . Shark and crocodile fish are occasionally seen Ideal for beginner and experienced divers. The coral reefs around it or even further out into the ocean are excellent snorkeling and diving sites. The warm, tranquil waters play host to an abundance of plant and marine life. With its close proximity to the mainland we can complete two dives in half a day. This site is perfect for all divers and snorkelers with depths ranging from 2-16 meters (6-50 feet) and visibility around 10-25 meters (33-82 feet). This site is also ideal for diver training.

experience-dolphinA unique Bali dolphin (Dolphin Lodge Bali) discovery experience, delight the hands-on and personal contact program with these wonderful and friendly dolphins in Bali. Be part of an unforgettable interactive experience with dolphins. The Bali Dolphin (Dolphin Lodge Bali) is located on a floating sea pen in Bali ocean. These friendly dolphins will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and gentleness. You’ll spend 30 minutes in our specially designed dolphin enclosure, where you’ll have the chance to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through petting, hugging, kissing and playing with dolphins! The close contact sessions in Bali Dolphin (Dolphin Lodge) are probably one of the best experiences you will ever have in Bali holiday


08:30 Pick up and transfer to Tanjung Benoa Beach
One round Parasailing
15 minutes Banana Boat
15 minutes Jet Ski (with instructor)
One Dive at Nusa Dua
Enjoy light meal (sandwich or fried rice or fried noodle)
12:00 Transfer to Dolphin Lodge
12:45 Arrive at Dolphin Lodge
13:30 Briefing
13:45 30 minutes interacting with Dolphin
14:30 Enjoy soft drink or coffee or tea
15:00 Back to the hotel
16:00 Arrive at the hotel

Package Inclusions:
Pick-up for marine sport and drop to Dolphin Lodge by vendor (Pacific Bahari)
Drop to hotel after dolphin program by vendor (Dolphin Lodge)

Rate Information
Description Price Per Person (min 2 persons) Booking
Adult (1 Pax) Adult (2 Pax Up) Children
Bali Dolphin Interacting Program + Marine Sport Package C USD.197.00 USD.141.00 USD.129.00 booknow