Bali Dolphin Interacting Program + Denpasar City Tour with Lunch (Indonesian set)

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experience-dolphinDolphin Lodge

A unique Bali dolphin (Dolphin Lodge Bali) discovery experience, delight the hands-on and personal contact program with these wonderful and friendly dolphins in Bali. Be part of an unforgettable interactive experience with dolphins. The Bali Dolphin (Dolphin Lodge Bali) is located on a floating sea pen in Bali ocean. These friendly dolphins will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and gentleness. You’ll spend 30 minutes in our specially designed dolphin enclosure, where you’ll have the chance to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through petting, hugging, kissing and playing with dolphins! The close contact sessions in Bali Dolphin (Dolphin Lodge) are probably one of the best experiences you will ever have in Bali holiday
Bali, catur mukaIMAGE

caturmukaDenpasar City

Denpasar City tour is a unique tour to visit Denpasar town with it element and local society activities. Some places of interest are also visited on this tour like Bali Traditional Market, Jagatnata Temple, Bajra Sandhi Monument and Traditional Market where you can see the local society with their activities in the market.
Bali batik painting


Tohpati Village: the centre textile traditional, with great variety and qualities of Batik (clothes is obtained by the procedure of having part of the material with wax, to put the colours and to quite the wax). The part with waxed is not coloured, and the one original genuine pace put the colours, as on originates a drawing. The batik is a handmade technique of Java, but the Balinese also do its
Bali, jagatnata temple

pura_jagatnathaJagatnata Temple

Jagatnata Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Denpasar town which many visited by Hindu people in Denpasar to pray in particular on full moon and black moon. This temple is designed very beautiful with full of religious and artistic ornaments. In the center of temple area, there is a high temple building encircled by the fertile tropical garden. From the temple building until the entrance gate, you will find the Balinese decoration with full of meaning.
Bali, bajra sandi renon

bajra-sandhi-monumentBajra Sandhi

Bajra Sandhi Monument is a luxury monument standing up in the middle of Denpasar town. This monument is a symbol of Bali people struggle to fill the independence after the Dutch Colonial gone from this country. The target of this monument is immortalize the soul and spirit of Bali people struggle, dig, looking after, developing and also preserves the Balinese culture to be bequeathed to next generation.
Bali traditional market

Badung-Traditional-marketDenpasar Traditional Market

Denpasar Market is opened at 4 o’clock in the morning and close at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Then, it is changed by the evening market opened from 04:00 pm until at 04:00 am the day after. The unique of Senggol Market’s name is possibility taken away from the situation and condition of people movement on shopping where they each others jog because of visitor denseness. This Senggol Market is selling the variety of food, from the cheap Balinese, Javanese and Chinese cookery. It is also sell the various types of clothes

08:00 Pick up and transfer to Dolphin Lodge
09:00 Briefing
09:15 30 minutes interacting with Dolphin
10:00 Enjoy soft drink or coffee or tea
10:30 Depart for Denpasar City Tour (pick-up by Bali Vacation)
11:30 Lunch (Indonesian set menu) at local restaurant
13:00 Visit Tohpati, Center of Batik
14:30 Visit Jagat Natha Temple
15:30 Visit Bajra Sandhi Monument
16:30 Visit Denpasar Traditional Market
17:30 Back to the hotel
18:30 Arrive at the hotel

Package inclusions:
Pick-up transfer for dolphin program by vendor (Dolphin Lodge)
Pick-up for City Tour by Bali Vacation with private car & English/Japanese speaking guide

Rate Information
Description Price Per Person (min 2 persons) Booking
Adult (1 Pax) Adult (2 Pax Up) Children
Bali Dolphin Interacting Program + Denpasar City Tour with Lunch (Indonesian set) USD.225.00 USD.147.00 USD.115.00 booknow